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The First Lady's Weight Loss Aim - I'd Like To Lose Millions Of Pounds

The First Lady desires for losing weight. She wants to lose a lot of weight. We're not discussing 10, 20, or fifty pounds. Michelle Obama has a weight loss goal that's bigger than all of the Philly Cheese Steaks, New York Style French fries, and Buffalo Chicken Wings combined.

The girl from the South Side of Chicago is thinking LARGE. I mean big like a Cubs World Collection Title BIG. You've seen pictures of the first Lady. Michelle Obama is in excellent physical form, perhaps even better than her husband. So, this is the last person you'd expect to read about on an online site named weightlosspictures. org, isn't it?

When Michelle Obama doesn't have the body she wants, she actually is within range by missing one banquet appearance. The woman plan and goal isn't based on her own weight loss. Yet somehow it's still personal. The girl with out to help obese children across America to lose weight.

There exists a real need right behind the First Lady wanting to launch this weight damage campaign. The top health statistics she's quoting are incredible. Fact: 1 in 3 children in the United States are obese. Fact: The country spends $150 billion a year in managing obesity related health conditions.

"Let's Move" is the name of Mrs. Obama's new nationwide movement. Her weight loss picture shows a plan where kids do not spend every waking hour eating junk food while sitting in front side of the television or texting or playing video online games. Her goal is to motivate and inspire kids and the adults in their lives to be active, and make a great many other choices for healthy dwelling.

Mrs. Obama claims she knows there are people who say government ought not to tell people what to do. She understands and actually says, "I agree with them. " But if you Lady Gaga Weight Loss look at it, that isn't really government. This is a First Woman doing the type of opportunities First Ladies have available -- the platform to make a difference on issues that can help People in america in need.

Obese kids need assistance currently. In addition to it's a segment of the population that is gaining weight and size every day. Think about all of the kids who wake up every morning hours feeling trapped in their own body. They don't like to try the mirror or be observed by other people. They don't want to go to institution because other kids make fun of them, take a look at them funny, or may want to be friends with them simply because they are obese. Wouldn't it be great to help these kids become happier and healthier now?

So what? about conservatives, liberals, Republicans or Democrats? This is about someone painting a weight loss picture for many who cannot see one or who aren't looking at one. This is about sketching attention to helping obese boys and girls who can't or don't know how to help on their own to lose weight. Together with the campaign "Let's Move, " Michelle Obama admits, "Our goal is ambitious. We want to eliminate this problem in a generation. " Now would not that be a mindset metamorphosis and weight damage success story for the ages?

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