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The Everyday Guy's Guide to a Cutting Phase Workout

Ok, so you have been exercising for some time now. Building lean muscle however you still have a layer of excess fat that is surrounding your muscles. It's time for a cutting phase work out. You need to enhance your natural bodybuilding by introducing a new cutting phase exercise into your routine. But how are you heading to do this?

Unique note; this article is for individuals seeking to reduce body fat, not expert bodybuilders looking to reduce for a competition.

Let's start by looking away from the actual workout a bit. We need to give attention to your diet a little. For this phase of your life it is important to understand that you need to cut down on your carbohydrates and fat intake a bit. I generally recommend an approximate 40/40/20 (protein/carbs/fats) split on every dinner apart from the post work out meal. At this point I truly recommend 62 protein 30 carbs 12 fats." alt="Image result for Best Legal Steroids 2017 for Cutting and Ripped Body" width="503" height="315" />

For the natural bodybuilding enthusiast you should still be taking some creatine and some designer whey powder. Pregnancy is to lose weight Best Legal Steroids 2017 for Cutting and Ripped Body and it is very hard to do this while you are maintaining muscular mass. It is especially important not to lose your entire gains alongside the way.

OK lets get to the trimming phase workout. You should be still doing all muscle training that you have done in the past. The difference now is that you will lower the weight somewhat and be sure you are pumping out 10-12 reps for every workout.

Upon top of that make certain you are doing a number of interval fitness training on your non-strength training days. Its insufficient to do normal cardio at this point, this is because during normal cardio exercise your body will be converting your muscle to fuel. You can reduce this drastically by transitioning over to interval fitness training not only for your cutting phase workout but also for your maintaining workouts and your building workouts.

Natural bodybuilding is a special thing, basically making your body everything you can without using steroid drugs and many of the laxatives and other weight loss pills that help cut. Continue this cutting phase for up to 12 weeks, it is obviously important not to simply do the same workout, but switch it upwards. Just make certain you are doing weight training and period fitness training.

Once you are done the trimming phase of your work out its time to look at yourself in the mirror. First pat yourself on the back because you might have dropped 7-10% body excess fat. Now decide if you like what you observe and want to maintain, or if you are enthusiastic about building again. If the answer is to build again, it will be much easier to cut again next time. When you start a cutting phase workout it gets easier your body will now understand what it is going to do, and your mind will come to expect what is upcoming.

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