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Steer clear of the Side Effects of Chemotherapy Drugs For Cancer

For the chemotherapy drugs to get inside the pv cells, where they can do their job, requires a very high doses of these drugs. If the dose is not high enough then your drug can not force itself across the membranes of tumor cells. But the drawback of this technique is the very serious dose-related side effects. The chemotherapy drugs can? t differentiate between normal cells and tumor cells, so it gets rid of both type of cells. There exists a very simple but very effective method to avoid the side effects of chemotherapy drugs. In this article I will let you know more about it.

Together with the recent advances it is possible to avoid the side effects of chemotherapy drugs dramatically. Plus also increasing the effectiveness of chemotherapy as well. The key to help make the drugs more effective is a technique called insulin potentiation remedy (IPT). It is a non-diabetic use of the insulin junk to improve the delivery and effectiveness of standard medications dramatically. This plan can help the medications behave like very drugs, with better results for many millions of patients worldwide.

Insulin is a very powerful hormone and is secreted by the pancreas in healthy people. It is also used to treat diabetes. Insulin[ job is to deliver glucose across cell membranes into cells. All of the cells in the human body have receptors on the surface of the cell membrane that talk to insulin. There can be one hundred to one hundred thousand of receptors per cell.

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It really is interesting that different studies statement that cancer cells actually produce and secrete their own insulin. And tumor cells have ten times more insulin receptors per cell than any of the normal cells in the body. There is a major difference between normal cells and tumor cells and that is very important. It indicates that the effect of implemented insulin will be 10 times greater on cancer cells than on Platinum Soursop normal cells because cancer tissues have ten times more insulin receptors.

An effective dose intensity of chemotherapy drugs combined with actions of insulin in IPT is able to be delivered selectively into the cancer cells sparing normal cells. That can be achieved using greatly reduced doses of the drugs, eliminating the part effects of high dosages.

In insulin potentiation remedy insulin administration has an effect to make bloodstream glucose to look down. This is also called hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is an part effect of insulin. It is effectively and rapidly controllable with intravenous sugar infusions at an appropriate time, in line with the protocol of IPT.

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