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Are usually you tired? Lost your edge, sense of energy, your mojo? Does sex feel like work, or maybe it doesn't work out there anymore? Is the mood ho-hum? Have you wear a gut even though you don't seem to be to be eating any more? Well chances are you are experiencing less than ideal amounts of testosterone and/or human growth hormone (HGH).

After thinking about this for a time and toying with the idea of obtaining against the law testosterone and/or HGH medications, I decided to have a look on the Internet and see what I could do to raise my levels obviously.

So off I go to Google and tried a few search conditions and bang! countless webpages dedicated to the subject. The majority of this information of course was from advertisers trying to sell you their product with statements of incredible gains in sex drive, libido, male organ size, muscle strength and let me tell you the price of a few of these magic products would break the bank very quickly.

What did I do? We went about getting the ingredients that went into these products and research each and every one of them individually. Are there good supplements that provide many of the individual ingredients in one convenient treatment? possibly but many of the products are proprietary and is just not provide you with the amounts of ingredients which it is made up of and the ones that do, do these cards use a standardized draw out? who knows. Also the all-in-one treatment in most cases do not contain enough of one HGF Max ingredient to have any positive effect. Luckily along the way I found out the reason you should not inject or take testosterone/HGH supplements. It reduces the ability of the body to produce its own; very bad! In fact the main side effect of supplementing with testosterone is that the testicles stop producing and reduce! Yes shrivel up; very bad!

That was in early 2009, after studying on the Internet via medical journals, university studies, credible anecdotal evidence I came up with a shortlist of around 35 supplements (yes! this was the shortlist) along with effective dosages (that was a feat in itself) I purchased from the Internet and tried various supplements, in many situations I ordered a supplement, and only through further research it was debunked, so I also ended up with a set of unused useless supplements.

So with further research and trying supplements We ended up with the products listed. I have virtually no doubt that these supplements will have a positive impact on health, well-being and life. They may be either medically proven, have years of backed up anecdotal evidence and also (very important if you need to watch the dollars a bit) the best value on the Internet. I don't know very well what else to say other than - These products works!

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