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Just how Stories Can Engage the Human Brain

Do you know the reason why youngsters are crazy about stories? In addition to can you guess the effect a good tale has on adults? Both of these questions are linked by two elements they have in common: stories and the human brain. This relation between those two elements is the one that is very strong and deeply written into our subconscious. In addition to, when marketers and advertisers have found out the value of this relation, the advertising world changed completely. Nevertheless let's start with the beginning.

The storyline is a perfect reality.

Children love tales because they hook up with the characters that stay in an excellent world. In every history, the structure can be quite much the same: the ideal world where everything is possible and the galaxy is a haven of magic and wonderful things, the disrupting factor that changes the natural order of this idyllic world and, in the conclusion, the come back to the natural order by eliminating or winning against the disrupting factor.

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Children are drawn to stories because they speak of this wonderful haven in which there's no bedtime schedule, nor spargelkohl. It's the world in which  How Many Times Can a Girl Cum they can get lost among amazing experiences. Typically the disrupting factor just shows them, by using the "before" and "after" system how great that world really is. And, of course, the final triumph means winning and getting back again that world, which now they specifically how valuable it is. Their brain is engaged into a film of fantasy plus they get to play the key part! This is the reason why stories are absolutely irresistible for children.

Adults carry within on their own an inner child that needs to be nurtured.

Now, when it comes to adults, our company is drawn to stories because we are still linked to our inner child who requirements his magical world. Zero matter how rational and calculated we are, a good story gets our attention. And, if you pay attention to the world around you, you will find that everything comes with a story. News about celebrities, products, commercials, interpersonal media accounts - everything that is destined for the public comes with a story. How do these stories engage our brain?

It is straightforward enough. Children love stories because they believe they can also live those amazing experiences. Adults love stories because they know they can't fight dragons and save princesses however through stories they get access to an idyllic world through which they can escape the daily routine. For adults it is both a matter of nurturing their interior child as well as escaping into a dream world that seduces them with all its possibilities.

Stories and marketing - the definition of success

The planet around us is made of symbols. We all discover this world through them and we determine the cost of things also on their symbolic meaning. Typically the beauty of symbols is they always have a tale behind them. The white dove of peace is linked with the story of the Great Flood, the wedding ring shows the story of a never-ending cycle and so on. Everyday our brain is engaged into a wonderful quest in which it has to find the that means of a certain sign by finding out their story.

Consequently, when it comes to marketing and advertising, the surest way to get consumers' attention is to interact their brain into this discovery quest. The market is fully developed and so, people are buying products not because of their rational benefits. Most of the products offer the same rational benefits, based to their quality. People are buying products because they wish to be part of the story.

The advertising world is based on reports. They gather the consumers around the fire and they start entertaining them with a story offering them something unique: the chance to participate in that history by buying the product. Thus, in this system, the product becomes the very key that unlocks that wonder door to the stunning world.

For example, when you are buying a certain brand of dark chocolate, you are also buying a ticket to its world. Commercials and advertorials are suggesting the story of that chocolate, how it was made, whose idea it was, what area of the world it comes from, and so forth Your brain is engaged in fantastic story and, of course, you want to know more about it. The difference between fantasy tales and stories about products is that, when it comes to products, you can try for yourself. You can't really fight the dragon and save the princess but you can taste that chocolate which has an interesting history and, when you do so, you become part of its story. This is the reason why stories in marketing and advertising are powerful tools: because they transform the simple product into a key of accessing an beautiful reality. And who can refuse this key?

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