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Fad diets may get you where you want to be really quickly in conditions of weight or fat loss, but the moment you let your guard down, and you will - fad diets are never sustainable - you can right back upwards where you were before you started; the probabilities are good that you'll gain even more weight than you had before because your body will be used to being deprived and will store even more fat. The key to long term weight loss is consistency and the need and motivation to make the changes that are necessary. Here are a few things to consider when you get ready to lose weight.

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Set Your own Goals - Goal setting tools is always the first topic at any self-help workshop, and for good reason: it's really, really important. Establishing realistic yet ambitious goals provides you with something to aim for, and can let you assess your progress. Weight Loss Workshop If you need to lose 55 pounds and you give yourself a year to do it, you know that you need to lose one pound per few days - an easily attainable goal - and you will act accordingly to get the results you want. Goal setting symbolizes your own motivation mechanism, so to speak.

Inform your Close friends And Family - As goal setting is an internal motivational mechanism, telling your friends and family about your goal is external motivation, in cases like this good old peer pressure. Not wanting to dissatisfy them, you'll redouble in your efforts, and since they really know what you are going through, they may refrain from overly tempting you, inadvertently or not!

Swap out your Diet - This is unavoidable. Permanent weight loss will come in behavior customization, and diet is at least half of the equation, the other 50 percent being exercise. Having a caloric deficit at the end of the day, 7 days or month means that you have lost weight for the reason that period. The only way to do this in a sustainable way (not a fad diet) is through changing your dietary habits, including fresh fruits and vegetables as well as whole grain products, and avoiding any prepared food, as much as possible.

Introduce Exercise To Your Routine - It's never too late to get off the chair and get active, and getting some workout is the other half of the long term weight loss equation! Whether half an hour a day of walking is enough for you, you decide to run or even learn Kung Fu, always do a workout that is appropriate for your present physical condition. Constantly push yourself, but not too much, or else you will become unmotivated and may even get hurt. If you are at the idea that you are considering exchanging some fat for some lean muscle bulk through serious gym workouts, consider protein supplements, such as a protein bar, to be sure your muscles have enough protein and amino acids to grow.

Understand that one pound of fat is 3, 500 calories. If necessary, count your calories from dietary options, and estimate - always low-ball - the calories you burn through exercise. If you manage to have a 3, 500 caloric deficit at the conclusion of the week, you've lost a pound, and vice-versa. Goal setting and conduct modification would be the key to long lasting weight loss; may let anyone tell you otherwise!

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