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We deff. need more of this. Esp. in the truck scene.
We need more hot females and companies that are willing to pay them to promote their company.
Good Group Title Shay !

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Yes we do!!! It's all over the import scene, but if you are a white girl it can be discouraging sometimes so why not try to get more business through the truck industry we love and the company's we use to buy parts from!!! Even all the film makers out there.... I bet low life and domination and even the magazines like truckin, mini truckin, & sport truck would sell a lot more items at shows if they had a few hotties working their booth!! So with saying all this.... get at us and let us do some hustling and watch your sales rise!!!!!!

Much love and safe travels this show season!
<3 Shay
Wow well said, you can come to our booth anytime. You don't even have to work, just sit there and look hot!! Haha.
haha if you are paying and we are at the same show i'll be there! haha =)
I agree with you fully!! But see there are the girls that are experienced which deserve to get the work and then there are the ones that will do it for the attention, for free. It kinda ruins it for the pro's!! why pay this one when they got that one over there that will do it for free and where a whole lot less!! how do you as a business decide what to use!! I am a retired model and a current photographer....i see it all the time!









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