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hey i have a box style s10 body dropped with 20s and my rear fenders are really flimsy and get dents easy and arounde the wheel cracks are forming from the metal wobbling. any tips on fixing this problem or reinforcing them some how?

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take some 3/8 round solid round stock and make up some brackets from the frame to the bottom of the bed on each side of the wheel well. it will help with the vibrations in the bed sides. if u want to make em bolt on just heat up the ends and flatten em out with a hammer then just drill a 5/16 hole on each flattened side.
thank you that sound like something i will probably to.
use 1/4 inch or 1/8 inch metal rod and spot weld it around the fender well
Build four braces just like the factory one for each corner of the bed thats how i fixed mine

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