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SUZUKI and that's the only way 2 go.

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Reply by TWIZTED MICHELIN MAN 1 day ago
THE BEST BIKE EVER MADE IN MY OWN OPINION IS THE BUSA....................................

Theres nothin stock that will beat a Busa!
I have seen the ZX-14 get that ass amoked so many times by a busa and it wasnt even the new ones.
I am tellin ya if u have a ZX-14 take it back cause there not like the Busa nor will ever beat it.
I think that the old ZX-12 beats the ZX-14's all day.
2008 Suzuki Hayabusa with RCC turbo also twin 20 oz NOS bottles one on each side .
RCC turbo huh?
Oh yeah sounds good.
Have u ran it on the track yet?
rc51 and r1 are the only way to go
Oh no...
I feel ya on the Yamaha but they make me feel uncomfortable even though they ride good comfort matters right.
SUZUKI will be where I will have 2 stay.
Plus mine will have 2 be stretched not that man enough to ride curves but will be the MONSTER to run 8's down a track.
loving the kawi..I have a 9r and its a beast
Well ima have to say any lowered, stretched and painted sport bike. No better feeling in the world then riding the highways turning heads!

always been a honda fan,.... but decided to do something a lil different,. picked up an 08 r6 last year and loving it so far, ive put a lil over 16 thousand miles on it in a lil less than a year. not bad for bein in missouri and not gettin to ride basically all winter.
Props on wantin to ride when u got out the hospital.
Thats a man.
But Suzuki anit played it its the riders that cant handle them.
Every bike is the same but has its own different thing that u are attracted too.
Yeah like I said I like Honda-yamaha-Kawasaki and all things but my love is the GSXR
Suzuki an honda but Suzuki's my fav

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