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this is my silverado. air lift gen2 bags, reverse 4 link, raised bed floor, 22" wheels. getting ready to star on body work and interior.

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keep it up !
badass ride!
Sweet truck.Any build pics of your set-up?My daily is a 02 ext. cab sierra that Ill be looking to bag next year.

i also have some pics of the 2-link that was first put on it.
That's a pretty truck ....... I just got my first mini about a month or two ago . Im so pumped to get started ,the only problem is there's no mini truckers out here to tell me Im fuckin up . Im from FL but stationed in MO the middle of no where land . The pot holes here will swallow a 22 inch wheel . No joke , I plan on laynframe on 22' an that's as far as I got . It's a single cab so I don't really know what to do about audio . Again man your truck is lookin good . keep it up
Nice...I just noticed the MS tag.I got family Natchez..When I finish my blazer I wanna hit a show out that way..
so i said reverse 4 link my bad i messed up nobody caught me. its actually a reverse wishbone. nick let me know if you need help i might be able to help wou with pics or "tech" support. from what ive learned you dont learn anything unless you try. whats the worst that could happen? if you mess it up re do it or buy new stuff to fix it. we have a few shows this way not many the best one is scrapin. im looking forward to that show in 08 my truck was bagged a few days after scrapin this year. any ideas on paint?
damn it man that's fresh!!!!!
Looks good man!
damm thats sik bro. makes me wanna dump my full size

dumpin full size is the only way to go bro lol check my sierra out


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